Thomas McCosh

Experienced Washington Civil Litigation Attorney - Thomas McCosh

I grew up with a judge in my family. I greatly admired my stepfather, who had moved from the United States, gone to school, and put in long hours to develop a mastery over the law. Not only was he skilled and intelligent, but he was also kind, patient, gracious, understanding, sympathetic and reasonable. I went to law school modeling his behavior, and in my legal practice I strive to implement these virtues. When asked the question, “why do you practice law” or “why did you go to law school,” the answer for me isn’t precisely about the law. Rather, it is about people. It is about modeling the behaviors that I saw from other lawyers when I grew up. The practice of law gives me an opportunity to hear my clients deeply, listen to them with grace and humility, and speak authoritatively. The law gives me a way to help people navigate some of life’s most challenging problems: to help them come out on top.

If you need assistance to help you with your employment law issue, business dispute, or to recover your footing after you have been discriminated or retaliated against, do not be despondent. We are here to help you. Contact us and speak with a professional about your legal problem.

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