Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend this Law Firm. Beverly Grant represented me in a discrimination lawsuit & won my case. She was very professional, kind, caring and thorough. Everyone in her office was nice and helpful! 5 out of 5 stars from me!”– Melissa D.

“Extremely competent knowledgeable and highly respected Attorney.”– Ernie H.

“One of the best lawyers in the greater Tacoma and Seattle area!!!”– Robert B.

“She is willing to help you get your problems solved.”– Thomas J.

“Great people….knowledgeable and motivated.”– Sue B.

“Very bright and experienced attorney she has been quite successful with done very difficult cases.”– Constance P.

“Ms. Beverly and her staff our very professional and friendly.”– Sharon C.

“I am very thankful and lucky to have two more people on my side. I know I’m a young man but if there you ever need or I can help with it I will find time to help with it. I am very grateful and thankful to have two more people that actually care about what is going on at my school. I want to be able to help other kids going through this. I also am grateful that you are taking stress off my Mom. Thank you.”– A Satisfied Client

“Thank you for kindness and professionalism in managing my case with Employer (extracted). I will not forget the kind words, Beverly. Since that time of Separation I have been offered three positions , awaiting background checks from Employer (extracted) for positions at X. I bought a new car (2022) and life is moving forward. I also enrolled and Completed program and passed… Card “kindness is beautiful…Thank you for yours. Thanks again – I am so touched by your kindness, if I ever need an attorney I will contact your office.”– A Satisfied Client

“I really don’t know how to say how great they are over at this Law Firm, without sounding cheesy. The lawyers are very attentive/understanding/ knowledgeable and their staff is amazing and soooooooooo sweet. Everyone is very accommodating, and do the best they can, every time I call/come in. I searched to find a lawyer to help (which isn’t always easy) when I met Beverly she was an answered prayer. I’m normally pretty critical on reviews/ I don’t write a lot of reviews but I had to write a review on here. I truly have nothing negative to say about anyone at this office. Regardless of any outcome of my case, we will always be grateful to the people here. If you’re looking for a lawyer, I would definitely recommend giving them a call. 🙂 Update*** My case has been finished sense I had originally done this review and I 100% stand by what I said. This whole office is amazing and very sweet people. The lawyers had gone above and beyond for us and I am truly grateful. Call them first if you need help.”– Alicia P.

“My husband and I contacted Beverly for an initial consultation regarding a situation that left us feeling lost and emotionally drained. Beverly was very empathetic and took the time to listen to our whole story. She didn’t rush us and asked helpful questions to dig a little deeper into the situation. Beverly then provided us with initial steps we could take on our own to save us money and even called us back to make sure we were comfortable with our direction. Beverly’s attention and interest in our well-being along with her deep knowledge was exactly what we needed. Once we complete our preliminary steps we will definitely be contacting Beverly again!”– Heather

“The paralegal there is awesome! So sad to see you go but that is life on to your next chapter. Update*** My case has been finished sense I had originally done this review and I 100% stand by what I said. This whole office is amazing and very sweet people. The lawyers had gone above and beyond for us and I am truly grateful. Call them first if you need help.”– Steven F.

“By far the only law firm I will use from here on out if I need anything. These people were not only professional but they took a personal interest and made us feel welcomed. They took on our case when we had troubles finding a lawyer because our case was difficult. They won our case. If you need help this would be the place to call.”– Dejuan P.

“I hired Ms. Grant to review my case. Her review was thorough, and frank. Her communication was clear and to the point. I knew exactly where I stand after each conversation with her. Her skills and years of experience definitely proved to me why hiring Ms. Grant to review my case was a great decision.”– A Satisfied Client

“She’s not only determined to win my case, she empathized with me and even did the extra mile of answering my calls even late at night or on weekends when I needed a legal advice! She was very thorough and with her years of experience – I knew I was in good hands. It does make a difference when you know that you have a great lawyer who is just a phone call away. Unlike other lawyers, I was treated not just a number but a person who seeks justice. I will never forget my first meeting with her. After I told her about the hostile environment in my office, immediately she wrote a very strong letter to my employer right that instant and sent it before I left the meeting. Her letter sent the signal don’t mess with my client!”– A Satisfied Client

“Beverly was knowledgeable and helpful in discussing my case in our consultation. She offered me several workable options to pursue and did not even consider charging for the advice.”– A Satisfied Client

“I referred Beverly to a family member for a discrimination matter. She very capably assessed my second hand information and provided excellent assistance to resolve the matter. If I had a similar matter, I would want her in my corner.”– A Satisfied Client

“Ms. Beverly Grant along with her team was very professional. They resolved an employment issue on my behalf. They not only resolved a case but most importantly, they were very aggressive and showed much consideration in taking the time to explain the legal ramifications of my lawsuit.Thank you Ms.Beverly Grant, Mr. Thomas McCosh, & Mr. Jeffery Bradley for doing an outstanding job. Highly recommended.” – Bob L.

“I reached out to Attorney Grant after I was humiliated and treated very unfairly due to my hearing disability by my old employer. When I first met with Ms.. Grant, I was intimidated because I didn’t know what to expect. That changed quickly! Ms. Grant and her whole crew are amazing! They are all very compassionate and caring. They all pay great attention to detail and never skipped a beat! Bev (Attorney Grant) made me very comfortable. Her office is VERY professional and makes it a very welcoming environment. She was very determined to get me justice and she was very successful in doing so. She is not just an attorney! She is a soul who truly cares about people especially when their rights have been violated by people that you are supposed to trust. If it wasn’t for Ms. Beverly Grant, I would have never got the justice that I did! It is 4 months since we’ve won our case and we are still in contact here and there. They have become like family and it is always nice to speak with or see them! They get a million stars!”– Melissa

“Beverly Grant Law Firm, P.S. gets the job done. They are extremely caring, helpful, keeps you updated, even checks on how you are doing. I highly recommend them. They know what they are doing. I highly recommend this Law Firm. Every encounter I had with Beverly Grant was 5 star! I also wanted to add in that I got an appointment right away. Thank you for everything you have done.”– Emily M.

“My wife and I were treated amazingly throughout our difficult process, I not only recommend them. I will be employing this firm again.”– William D.

“Beverly grant. Is the best lawyer in WA State.”– Tina C.

“Complete professional, trustworthy and personable.”– Dennis W.

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