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Are Your Civil Rights Protected?

The Declaration of Independence declares the birthright of every American: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These fundamental rights are enshrined in the Constitution as well as in various federal, state, and local statutes. Here in Washington State, they guarantee each of us certain freedoms and protect us from abuse and discrimination by government agencies or private institutions.

It took years, however, for those rights and protections to be extended to all Americans, and though it is a difficult truth to sometimes admit, they are still not always applied equally, equitably, or fairly. The reality is that many Americans, in Washington and across the country, will end up facing discrimination on the basis of their race, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, or any other protected category.

When that happens, it is to civil rights attorneys like Beverly Grant who you can turn to for justice.

Beverly Grant Law Firm Defends Civil Rights In Washington Courts

Beverly Grant is a seasoned trial lawyer with extensive experience defending the rights of Washington state residents. She has served as a federal law clerk and then as a Pierce County Superior Court Judge and has led her firm to success in hundreds of court cases, including a number of discrimination cases, particularly in workplace and employment discrimination cases.

With a proud history anchored in the local community, Beverly Grant has developed a reputation as a defender of civil rights and has written and spoken on the subject. Nevertheless, the firm remains small, with a tight-knit core team that handles every case personally and attentively because your story, your claim, is vital.

What Civil Rights Cases Do Our Lawyers Handle?

Every case of discrimination and civil rights violation has a victim at its heart. Each person and each community whose rights have been neglected or trampled on for who they are deserves to get justice and compensation from the courts. And that is where we step in.

Our office handles a wide variety of civil rights law cases and litigation for victims of discrimination and injustice in Seattle, Lakewood, Bellevue, Steilacoom and throughout Washington State. These matters include cases involving:

  • Police misconduct
  • Excessive force
  • Minority contracts (education and Title VI)
  • False arrest and imprisonment
  • Wrongful convictions
  • Racial profiling
  • Workplace discrimination

Just because our firm stands up and fights against police misconduct and the unjust use of force or racial profiling does not mean we are anti-police. Occasionally, however, there are instances where only the people and the court can rectify the harms done by institutions tainted by injustice.

In those cases, everybody wins when an injustice can be remedied through non-violent means in the courts. By standing up for your civil rights, we help keep law enforcement institutions like the police and prosecutors accountable and in line with the ideals and protections enshrined in our constitution and its amedments.

Why Fight For Your Civil Rights In Court?

Litigation can be frightening, and taking on an institution or employer in court is doubly so when they seem to hold all the power. But there are many reasons to stand up for your civil rights and make claims against those who have discriminated against you.

First and foremost, focusing on yourself, a civil rights claim may allow you to obtain compensation for the harm done against you. If you have been injured, lost your job, been put in jail, or endured any other hardship or loss due to the instance of discrimination, a civil rights claim may be able to help you obtain due compensation to make up for that harm.

Secondly, standing up for our rights is the only way to make sure they eventually get respected. Each and every civil rights case that forces police or employers to pay up for what they have done pushes them to do better. This means that by taking on this fight, with our help, you will be improving the situation not just for yourself but for your community, our society, and future generations.

And finally, you will not be doing so alone. You will have a team of dedicated, experienced, and compassionate lawyers to ensure your civil rights are respected and protected.

Victim Of Discrimination? Call A Washington Civil Rights Lawyer Near You

Civil rights still have a long way to go in the US and Washington State. Part of that progress, however, comes from people like you stepping forward and standing up for your rights when they have not been respected.

If you feel that your civil rights have been violated in Washington, we will help you win that fight. Call our office, the Beverly Grant Law Firm, P.S. in Steilacoom, Washington, to schedule a free, discrete, and confidential consultation.

Do not wait when justice is on the line. Every minute you delay is one more for those who have discriminated against you to cover their tracks. Call (253) 400-2232 now to start down the path to justice and compensation.

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