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Have You Been Injured In Or Near Steilacoom, Washington?

The busy roads in and near Steilacoom, Washington, can prove to be very dangerous for drivers. And roadways are only some of the places where accidents can occur.

Auto accidents often involve devastating harm and serious injuries for everyone involved, whether they are driver, passenger, cyclist, or an innocent bystander. These injuries can take weeks, months, or even years to heal, depending on the severity. If your injury results in the need for surgery, such as a broken bone, it can take up to four months to completely heal. Taking time away from work, your friends and even simple household chores can greatly affect the way you live your day-to-day life.

Being the victim of an accident can have devastating consequences on your career and family. Getting your life back to where it was before may seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, if you or a loved one have suffered one or more injuries due to no fault of your own, a personal injury attorney can help you make a claim for vital financial compensation.

How To Get Financial Compensation After A Washington Accident

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car crash or other accident, as long as the injury and accident were not your fault, you can get financial compensation for the costs, harms, and losses connected to the injury. This is called a personal injury claim, and it is brought to the attention of the person whose negligence was responsible for the injury, or more often, to their insurance company.

This compensation can, in theory, cover all of the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses, including transportation, after the accident.
  • Medical costs, including surgery and any treatments needed to recover from the injury.
  • Ongoing and future medical costs related to the injury, including medication and physical therapy.
  • Wages lost as a result of the injury and any temporary or ongoing disability.
  • Emotional harms, such as trauma, pain and suffering, or loss of companionship.
  • Any other costs, harms, or losses directly connected to the injury.

Unfortunately, getting this personal injury compensation is far from automatic. Insurance companies often try to get away with paying accident victims like yourself far less than they need or deserve. Which is why you need a personal injury attorney.

What Difference Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Make After An Accident?

No accident is easy, and those that leave you injured are often the toughest to deal with. Injuries have a way of taking over your life, unfortunately, and draining your time, energy, and money. In addition to your medical recovery, you may be grappling with:

  • Stress, depression or anxiety following the trauma of the accident.
  • Financial difficulties due to medical expenses and/or the loss of a significant source of income.
  • Pushy insurance adjusters who are trying to get you to settle for less and delaying with excessive or redundant paperwork.

An attorney cannot solve all your problems, but they can lighten some burdens so you can focus on others. We will handle your personal injury claim, deal with insurance company tactics with practiced ease, and push for maximum recovery to cover your costs and losses.

If you are struggling to afford the medical care you need, we have connections with local doctors willing to work on a lien, trusting that we will recover the costs needed to pay them. Like them, we will not get paid until your case is resolved in your favor. This is called working on contingency, and it is proof of our confidence in your case and our skill.

Beverly Grant Law Firm - Your Washington Personal Injury Advocates

Headed by attorney Beverly Grant, a former Pierce County Superior Court Judge with close ties to Tacoma County, Washington, where she grew up, our litigation and personal injury law firm focuses on handling the needs of the community here in Steilacoom and neighboring areas of Seattle, Lakewood, and Bellevue.

We are not just your advocates and advisors in this difficult time but your ardent defenders and honest counselors. We will be straightforward and upfront about all costs and procedures involved in your personal injury case, especially if it has to go to court.

When insurance companies refuse to be reasonable or try to cheat injured individuals like you, we take them on in court to ensure you get that vital compensation you need. With combined decades of trial experience across our team, we stand ready to hold the at-fault insurance company responsible for the costs and losses you’ve endured in your car accident or other personal injury incident.

Unparalleled Personal Injury Advocacy In Steilacoom Washington

Do not bear the burden of your accident or injury alone for one moment longer than necessary. If you have been hurt in an accident in Washington State, call our Steilacoom offices at (253) 400-2232 as soon as possible to get a personal injury lawyer on your side. You can also book a free, confidential 30-minute consultation online to tell us about your accident, injury, and claim difficulties.

The sooner you get the Beverly Grant Law Firm on your side, the sooner we can ensure your rights are being protected and the more we can do to ensure your injuries are fairly compensated.

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