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Beverly Grant, Esq.

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Dedicated To Advocacy

Beverly Grant has devoted her career to advocating for those who have been victimized, abused, and wrongfully terminated or discriminated against. Primarily representing employees, her firm undertakes some limited work for employment law issues – a testament to its broad reach within the community.

A Comprehensive Approach To Problem Solving

With a rich professional journey that spans over 44 years, Beverly has developed expertise in dealing with a wide spectrum of employment issues. She diligently solves problems related to discrimination on the grounds of race, age, national origin, military status, marital status, and disability, as well as cases involving hostile working environments and wrongful terminations. Her depth of understanding of these issues has been instrumental in achieving justice for countless clients.

Years Of Experience & A Commitment To Success

Beverly’s success can be attributed to her extensive legal experience, which includes serving as a Pierce County Superior Court judge and a federal law clerk to a federal judge. This unique perspective of the judicial system, coupled with her legal prowess, positions her as a formidable advocate for her clients.

Adding to her credibility, Beverly has also been a guest lecturer for various esteemed legal associations such as the American Trial Lawyers, the Washington State Trial Lawyers, and the California Trial Lawyers. Her professional affiliations extend to California and Washington, where she is admitted to practice.

Beverly is a seasoned litigator with an impressive track record, having worked on cases involving Fortune 500 and top 100 corporations in California, as well as with CEOs of the top 50 companies in downtown LA. Her success continues to be seen in Tacoma, where she and her firm have gained an esteemed reputation.

Our Team Is Standing By, Ready To Help

Beverly’s strong leadership extends to her outstanding team at the Beverly Grant Law Firm. With colleagues like Jeff, who has between 15 to 20 years of litigation experience, and Tom, who brings almost a decade of legal expertise, the team boasts nearly 60 collective years of litigation experience. This level of collective wisdom and insight is crucial to the firm’s effectiveness in tackling complex legal issues and delivering successful outcomes for their clients.

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